‘Longshanks EP’ by Dawn Wall

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Track Listing

  • ‘Longshanks EP’
  • Integral Records
  • December 2015
  • INT031
  • 231312
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch

A: Spears
Aa1: Round Table
Aa2: Longshanks

* Opening the EP with some serious levels of epicness, “Spears” instantly takes over. The stunning piano breakdown on this track is destined for magnetising dancefloors worldwide and the melancholic grooves that follow on the drop melt into a sublime vocal that flows straight to hearts, souls and minds. This masterpiece is the epitome of musical drum & bass; a future timeless liquid anthem, executed to perfection.

* On the flip, DW once again demonstrate their versatile production talents, with the menacing “Round Table”. A cinematic monstrosity of tech-fuelled nastiness, bassline frenzy and militant drum programming, this extra large tune will take control of a peak-time dancefloor.

* The title track “Longshanks” features the folk-tinged vibe that is becoming one of the signatures of the Dawn Wall sound. This deep soul music with its warm, heartfelt grooves captures a glimpse of High Contrast’s golden era with a Dilla-esque mood in tact. Not forgetting another catchy vocal to add to the limelight.

* For the digital release only, a bonus track by the name of “Lose Face” will also be included. The Detroit style stabs, driving rhythms and subtle growling bassline that creeps and entices, round out yet another amazing track.

‘Longshanks EP’, Dawn Wall, Integral Records

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