Inside Nomine by Nomine

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Track Listing

  • Inside Nomine
  • Tempa
  • September 2016
  • TEMPALP024
  • 231336


A 84600 Hide and Seek

B Stickman Shockwaves

C Menacer Nomine’s Ego

D Zen Force Confusion

A veteran of UK electronic music operating incognito, by the time of Nomine’s debut release in 2012 he had already established the defining hallmarks of his sound — an atmosphere of mingled dread and blissful calm, pulpy Eastern melodies and tidal waves of sub-bass.

Deep and meditative yet murder on a soundsystem, his tracks were vital firepower for a rejuvenated dubstep scene, and become regular secret weapons in figurehead Youngsta’s record bag.This led to a string of 12”s on Tempa, which over the last few years have refined and expanded his aesthetic, keeping dubstep’s bass ’n’ space ethos at their core while pushing far beyond its structural limits.

Inside Nomine, Nomine, Tempa

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