Never Give Up by Maduk

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  • Never Give Up
  • Hospital Records
  • March 2016
  • NHS288LP
  • 231299

* A name that’s been on everyone’s lips, Maduk is leading the way for the next generation of drum & bass producers, bouncing around Europe with his uplifting, high-energy productions. Signing exclusively to Hospital Records in 2015 cleared the path to complete his highly anticipated debut album. Twelve colourful tracks make up the spirit-raising ‘Never Give Up’ LP – a guaranteed mood-lifter that’ll have crowds up on their feet world over.
As the title track would suggest Maduk’s story is of sheer determination, with hard work and passion for the music he’s gained a dedicated following that have become like family. His LP premiere pushes positivity with a wash of vocal lead tracks. The lively, feel-good vibrations of ‘Just Be Good’ (featuring Nymfo) and ‘One Last Picture’ (featuring Kye Sones) fit with the frenzy of animated elevations in ‘Got Me Thinking’ (featuring Veela) and ‘Nothing More’.

* He continues to liberate the senses with the shimmering sounds of ‘One Way’ and drives forward with warm guitar strums on standout track ‘The End’ (featuring Voicians). The ‘Never Give Up’ LP also includes his previously popular single ‘Not Alone’ and Logistics collaboration ‘Solarize’.
As a co-founder of YouTube phenomenon turned record label Liquicity and with ‘Best Newcomer DJ’ and ‘Best Newcomer Producer’ awards under his belt Maduk has played a huge part in igniting the fire for a growing movement of liquid drum & bass lover. Now reaching across the globe his force is set to continue with the release of ‘Never Give Up’ this April.
Track list
A1. Nothing More A2. Got Me Thinking (feat. Vela) A3. One Way B1. The End (feat. Voicians) B2. One Last Picture (feat. Kye Sones) B3. Never Give Up C1. Stand By You C2. Not Alone (feat. Duckfront, MVE and Frae) C3. Just Be Good (feat. Nymfo D1. Don’t Forget D2. Falling (feat. MVE) D3. Solarize (feat. Logistics)

Never Give Up, Maduk, Hospital Records

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