Shogun 100 Part 1 by Various Artists

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Track Listing

  • Shogun 100 Part 1
  • Shogun Audio
  • March 2016
  • SHA100EP1
  • 231294
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch

Track list
A1 Ulterior Motive - "Radian" (4:50)
A2. Icicle & Proxima - "Stimulation" (4:52)

B1. Technimatic - "Transference" (4:52)
B2. Friction vs Fourward - "Battle Scars" (feat Jakes - Alic Perez remix) (4:07

* 100 records deep and Shogun come with one of its most prestigious releases to date marking the occasion true to form. Staggered across 4 EP’s over several months alongside UK- European-Australia/NZ tour, Shogun 100 celebrates with an inspired range of new music from the entire label roster as well as guest appearances from Shogun associates who have released, performed and partied alongside them over the last 11 years.

* Kicking off with Part 1, the standard is immediately set by Ulterior Motive, Icicle, Proxima, Technimatic and Alix Perez who makes a very welcome return to the label re-working Friction and Fourward’s ‘Battle Scars’. With a staggering array of moods the results are no less than astounding.

Shogun 100 Part 1, Various Artists, Shogun Audio

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