Three Squared EP Volume One by Various Artists

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  • Three Squared EP Volume One
  • Dust Audio
  • February 2017
  • DUAD007
  • 231335
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
  • 1

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Tracklist: A. Red Army & Clima 'Murder in Dub', B1. Ahmad 'Retroism', B2. Slider & Expose 'Mannequin'

* We are proud to unveil our next vinyl release on Dust Audio. The seventh piece of wax begins a series of EP’s entitled 3 Squared… Each EP in the series will feature 3 different Artists with 3 different tunes which all follow a similar theme. Part one brings together the majority of artists who collaborated on the massive 'Omega Red EP'.

* Clima & Red Army continue to combine forces with the opener. ‘Murder in Dub’ has the ability to destroy a floor large or small. The militant beats which are synonymous with these guys do not disappoint. Each kick cutting through with a sense of urgency and driving up to the breakdown which slams in with a menacing stab pattern. This pre-empts a drop of gargantuan proportions with a bass so dense you would need a map to navigate out of it. A future classic for the label

* Ahmad is a firm favourite of our stable and he brings forth a slice of music which is both beauty & beast. ‘Retroism’ begins with reminiscent strings which entwine effortlessly in an introduction that evokes feelings of melancholy. This is abruptly interrupted by the statement “I am a killer…” What follows is a solid step out with tinges of yesteryear all glued together by the underlying sub. Before you realise it you are transported back as those strings sneak their way back in.

* Slider & Expose return to wax with a natural sequel to the massive Reference Point. The strangely entitled ‘Mannequin’ finishes the EP with a ruff tear out. A minor string maintains its presence early on as the filtered break gives way to a two-step build up. Reggae vocal toasts along before the drop, moving subs compliment the rolling break which was crafted for the floor. A midway switch up sees a stab enter the fray for the second act as the tune slips and slides between edits, effects and vocals. A fitting end to what is the 3 Squared EP Volume One

Three Squared EP Volume One, Various Artists, Dust Audio

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