Characters LP NEW PROMO 04/06/2012 by Nymfo

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  • Commercial Suicide
  • June 2012
  • 43978
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
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SUICIDELP011 Characters LP - Nymfo Commercial Suicide 12" Vinyl x 2
Blue Coloured Vinyl pressing in full colour sleeve. Nymfo is Bardo Camp from Amsterdam in Holland, he doesnt smoke pot. Bornof the legendary dutch d&b crew Red Zone, Nymfo spent his earlier years producing and playing with the likes of Martyn & Iciclewinning best dutch d&b DJ in the process.
Following such early success Nymfo has gone on to produce many releases for labels such as Ram,
Metalheadz, 31, Dispatch,
Critical, Samurai and of course an alliance was forged with Commercial Suicide which included the excellent Double Dutch EP fromlast year.
Today we are here to talk about Nymfo’s debut full length album “Characters”. 13 tracks in total it shines a spotlight on the talents of
our dutch boy wonder as it spans many different tempos and emotions. There are collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Cern, June
Miller & Presk, an amazing vocal contribution from MC Fava and a sick sick down tempo reworking of Nymfo’s classic Matchsticknow called ‘Stickmatch’.

a Nymfo & MC Fava - Bipolar
b Nymfo & Black Sun Empire - Battlefish
c Nymfo - Stamppot
d Nymfo & Cern - Zone Defense

Characters LP NEW PROMO 04/06/2012, Nymfo, Commercial Suicide

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