Fight Not Flyte EP - CD by The Zam Fam

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  • The Zam Fam
  • March 2012
  • ZAMFAM002
  • 31010
  • CD
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Selling well on vinyl - here is the 'Fight not Flyte EP' by The Zam Fam on Limited Edition CD EXCLUSIVE to IMO Records

Great Nu School Break Remixes of some popular tunes:

Track: 1
Calvins Pryde (Extended Mix)
Track: 2
4 MCs and 1 DJ
Track: 3
Hands In The Air (Radio Edit)
Track: 4
Live Your Life
Track: 5
Calvins Pryde (Radio Edit)
Track: 6
4 MCs and 1 DJ (Instrumental)
Track: 7
Hands In The Air


Fight Not Flyte EP - CD, The Zam Fam, The Zam Fam

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