Detonate / 2 in 1 - PROMO by Dismantle

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  • Black Gold Records
  • March 2012
  • BG001
  • 30989
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
  • 1

BG001 – Dismantle – Detonate / 2 in 1 – 12″ Vinyl

Limited pressing of 300 heavyweight vinyls with a gold screen printed cover, inner sleeve embossing and hand numbered. ”This is sick. Fuck Genres.” – Youtube comment on ‘Detonate’It’s hard to know where to place Dismantle’s new evolution of 140bpm sounds. Some describe it as Clubstep others are arguing it’s somewhere between Moombahton and Dutch House. All we know, and this is for certain, is that they smash up any rave they are played at. Hailing from Brighton, U.K, the exceptionally talented 19 year old producer has been putting out hard hitting dubstep since 2008. His restless and creative mind has caused him to explore the genre and push Dubstep into a new direction. The success of this new sound is confirmed by crowd reaction every week at clubs across the globe.DETONATE – This is a peak set tune, no doubt. A building, rising, endorphin enriching intro literally detonates and explodes into a pounding four four rhythm. There’s really no way out once this tune drops and listeners are in for the full ride.2 IN 1 – The snares on the introduction hint at the pace and style of this tune but in no way prepare the listener for the absolutely meaty drop that thumps on through. This then parts like the red sea to make way for a bleep-tastic army of push button telephones that feast on bass riffs. Another floor shaker for definite.

Detonate / 2 in 1 - PROMO, Dismantle, Black Gold Records

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