Meet the Farkas Part 1 - PROMO by Farkas

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  • Biscuit Factory Records
  • March 2012
  • BFR008
  • 30982
  • Vinyl
  • 12 inch
  • 1

BFR008 – Farkas – Meet the Farkas Part 1 – 12″ Vinyl

Not long after LAXX’s debut release – The LAXX EP, Walsh and Biscuit Factory Records are proud to bring another fresh face to the foreground. Introducing Farkas…Originating from Sweden, Farkas, also known as Joel Metz, has already established himself as a regular favourite with leading Swedish outfit All Out Dubstep. His soul and funk inspirations are clear to hear in his creative and unique style. This together with his excellent ability and understanding of various production techniques, show why Farkas is going to be an artist to watch out for in 2012. As well as future releases planned with Biscuit Factory, he also has forthcoming material on All Out Dubstep and Subway Records.Featured on the first of a two-part EP, are tracks Harmless and Tribal Dance. Already championed by many top DJ’s, they now receive their long awaited release.Harmless kicks off with a haunting intro that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Once it drops, a warm bass note resonates throughout. Farkas skilfully blends low and mid tone sounds in this deep roller that will test sound systems to their limit. With trademark 4×4 drums sitting perfectly under a distinctive and catchy melody, Tribal Dance is an up-tempo, high energy club banger! Add cleverly placed jazzy stabs and a few quirky fills, this song has everything needed to send you into auto-skank!Both tracks have been getting massive airplay on BBC Radio One & 1Xtra by Skream & Benga and Mistajam. A staple in N Type’s and Hatcha’s sets over the last few months, these two stompers have been battering raves across the globe. Receiving regular support from Soap Dodgers (Wheel and Deal/Rinse FM), D Code/The Others (Dub Police) and Dismantle (Wheel and Deal/BFR). Label owner, Walsh states , “Farkas is a very versatile artist which is what the label is all about. Glad to have him onboard Biscuit Factory, big things for 2012!” Rinse FM DJ and Wheel and Deal Records owner N Type says, “I have been smashing these every set! Harmless has a wicked skank to it and rib shaking bass line. Tribal Dance is the club smasher! Sick tunes!”

Meet the Farkas Part 1 - PROMO, Farkas, Biscuit Factory Records

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